Specialist areas

  • Tax law of individuals and legal entities nationally (including income tax, profit tax, real estate capital gains, withholding tax, AHV [retirement and survivors’ insurance]) and internationally
  • civil law in general, especially business law
  • Inheritance law
  • Company law (including restructurings and mergers, spin-offs and all forms of business transfers, including tax advice)
  • Notarial law: all notarial acts and attestations in real estate law (real estate purchase agreements, creation of condominium, mortgages), law of persons/marital and inheritance law (marital and inheritance agreements, wills, estate distributions, executions of wills, advance care directives), company law (start-ups, mergers, restructurings)
  • Administrative law
  • Lex Koller (purchase of real estate by foreigners)
  • Second Home restrictions